5 Minute Marketing Journal

The 5 Minute Marketing Journal

The simplest way to start your work day happier and focused.

Beat Procrastination & Accomplish Deep Work

Based on science, the 5 Minute Marketing Journal is designed on proven productivity principles, and training you to focus on your important deep work and turning your tedious tasks into daily habits with just 5 minutes a day. 

It’s designed around your individual values and beliefs, and your personal mission in your business. The result will be working on the deep and meaningful activities that ensure long term success and short term results.

Never let yourself down again, with the built in accountability end-of-day check in. You'll rate your daily focus, emotional state, and personal fulfillment so that you can stay on track towards your highest vision while still accomplishing your daily tasks that keep your business running.

Proven Strategies To End Distraction & Train Focus

It's not enough to have a to do list. Our lives are now filled with habit forming products that steal your productivity, your focus, and your time for deeper, more value-producing work, and in the end, your big dreams and vision of your future.

The 5 Minute Marketing Journal is designed to help you train your daily to do list and tedious tasks into daily habits, and allow you time to focus on meaningful work (which produces the value and income in your business).

Accomplish Meaningful Work

Say goodbye to busywork and the days of feeling overwhelmed and distracted. The 5 Minute Marketing Journal keeps you focused on the most important, and meaningful work in your business. 

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Marketing Made Easy

Most people spend wasted energy and time on non-effective marketing tactics. The 5 Minute Marketing Journal enables your tedious daily tasks - social media, networking - to be turned into daily HABITS - so they get done, A U T O M A T I C A L L Y. You still get to make them personalized, but habits are done without thinking (or worrying) about them. 

Additionally, with the 30 day goal achievement portion (done every 30 days), you'll create an evergreen selling system, that ensures your marketing that moves your business forward financially, is working for you.

Become Your Own Best Accountability System And Increase Self Trust Everyday 

None of this matters unless you do it EVERYDAY and COMMIT to it. Everlasting success for high achievers needs to grow in stages. Most people wait to evaluate your results AFTER it's too late. You lose focus, get caught up in deep work and forget your money goal. Or you spend wasted energy trying to market yourself and lose your SENSE OF SELF

Daily follow up scheduled at the end of each day to monitor your progress and your overall emotions, keeps your attention on areas that need improvement when they need it. You'll set up your own benchmarks you need to fine tune as you go, and maintain both your business & your mental state. 

Daily Layout

Get Deep Work Done Everyday

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 This Isn't Your Average Planner...

...Because You're Not An Average Entrepreneur

"You have an incredibly unique way of looking at other people and their businesses, and a way of finding solutions so different that they get results." - Sierra Elmore

"You have to invest in yourself to better yourself. I invested in something that has helped me find my true purpose and taught me to stand in my value." - Brandy Baker, Guidance Goddess

 Get Your Own 5 Minute Marketing Journal

This new marketing bible is for high achieving business owners who want to accomplish more meaningful work, simplify their marketing, and stay on top of their own success and growth.

Preorder your planner and see how it can help you become your own MARKETING MASTERMIND.

Each planner includes 30 Days to Plan Your Genius

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