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If your words are not converting prospects into clients, you may have one or more of these problems:

1. No one can "SEE" you because they can't "HEAR" you. 

2. A misaligned business that is not fitted to your strengths, talents, and life experience - so you're struggling with speaking and writing because it's not based on your highest values

3. Attracting the WRONG audience because you aren't speaking the language your ideal clients need to see your value and buy from you

4. Misunderstanding your ideal clients real problems due to incorrect positioning and therefore not communicating the emotions they need to see so they know you "get" them

5. Forced to rely on technology, sales funnels, building a list, to drive your business and connect to clients and without the emotional connection, your ideal clients can't hear you (or SEE YOU)

You will learn in this FREE TRAINING:

Genius Insight #1

3 of the biggest mistakes you are making now that are driving potential clients away

Genius Insight #2

The exact formula to use in all stories that will have your ideal clients drooling to get more

Genius Strategy #3

The critical myth about storytelling for business that doesn't work and in fact, loses the reader immediately 


√ The one thing that motivates every single human being into action

√ The only reason why someone will buy from you (and that's a good thing)

√ Why you never should play to low prices again

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The meaning of any communication is the result that you get. That means if the words that you write and speak are NOT communicating the message you are trying to deliver, you cannot connect to your target audience, cannot actually sell to them, and well, you cannot get clients.

Your words either fall on deaf ears, or move people into action.

Stories are how humans communicate. And as a business owner, how you tell a story and which stories you tell, will equate to the success, or lack thereof of your ability to attract and convert clients.

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If you have ever thought:

  • I just need to tell myself the story in a different way 
  • I feel like I see the door hidden right in front of me but can't go through it
  • I want to see things in a different way and notcare about what anyone else thinks of me, or what I think of myself 
  • I'm so smart and good at what I do. Why can't anyone see that? 
  • People love me but they aren’t they buying from me
  • I feel like I'm so close but still not getting clients
  • I feel like I'm doing everything "Right" but still not getting results

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